Shipments Schedule

Wednesday arrival
Bali Fish 1
Bali Fish 4
Bali Fish CRL (fish supplier)
Philippine Fish
Cebu Fish
Vietnam Inverts and Freshwater Fish (every 2 weeks)
Africa / Red Sea Fish (once a month)
Tahiti Maxima Clams (once a month)

Thursday arrival
Fiji Corals
Kupang Corals (every 2 weeks)

Wednesday or Thursday arrival – monthly
Australian Corals

Updated stocklists will be distributed by emails weekly.
To place your order, the supplier prefer that you fill out the stocklists order form.
Minimum order per list is 1 box. Each list comes from different locations.
You can order from multiple lists and we will ship them combine on domestic shipping.

For new customer, please click on New Customer page for more info.