Terms and Conditions

By ordering from Golden Ina Inc., whether through its email, telephone or verbally through our representatives, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.


On the subsequent paragraphs, “we/us/our/ours” shall refer to Golden Ina Inc., “User(s)/you” shall refer to individual(s) accessing and/or ordering from Golden Ina Inc., “website” shall refer to www.golden-ina.net and any subsequent URLs, “systems” shall refer to the aquarium system/holding tanks/bins/etc. along their necessary supporting equipment.


You agree to be fully responsible for all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, related to the breach of agreement or use of the site.


We are a transship company as described several times throughout this web site, and thus most the live stocks you are ordering directly comes from overseas station. On our FAQ section you can learn in detail how we conduct our operation and business and determine whether we can serve your needs. We are different from the wholesalers in the sense that we do not store most of our live stock locally, but rather we do re-water and re-oxygen if necessary (as described on the FAQ section) and re-ship the live stocks to your destination. You shall ask question(s) for any ambiguity pertinent to our operation and method of business and by ordering from us you understand, agree and willing to accept the risk associated with it. The risks are, but not limited to the following – substitutions, reductions or additions of the livestock by the overseas suppliers that may change, increase or decrease the value and/or amount of your order, cancellation of international flights carrying your shipment, any harmful “hitch hikers”, i.e., flat worms, bacteria, or any undesirable organism that may cause harm to your systems, delay by domestic carriers as well as others. We shall not be liable for any claims related to transship operation above, except what has been stated on our DOA policy below.

We also shall not provide warranty that our Website and its pertinent performance issue will meet your requirements or will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the Website or the server that makes it available or products or services offered on the Website whether by us or on our behalf are free of viruses or bugs or are fully functional, accurate, or reliable. We shall not be responsible or liable to you for any loss of content or material as a result of uploading to or downloading from our Website.

By ordering from Golden Ina, Inc., you agree that you have read and will comply with any and all of the terms of stated herein as per your credit card issuer/’s agreement, and agree to fully compensate Golden Ina for any legal action taken for debt collection for any debts owed to Golden Ina. Again, conducting business with Golden Ina Inc., you agree that this transaction is governed by the laws of the state of California. Should there be any need to pursue legal action you also agree to venue and jurisdiction in Gardena, California.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Golden Ina strives for your satisfaction. In our stations, we meticulously select only the best fishes, corals or invertebrates, place them in our tanks for a few days, and when orders come, we screen the healthy stock for shipping. Before the box is sealed for departure, we do final inspection on each box to ensure the container and the live stock inside are in excellent conditions. Thus costumer gets the best from Golden Ina, Inc. All customers must follow an acclimation process when receiving shipment from us. The process will help the fish to adjust to your current in your system.


We carefully package all shipments so the live stock can withstand long trip hours while considering also the shipping cost. All shipments leave our station in perfect condition and they are received by the carriers in the same condition. If you receive the boxes in less than acceptable condition, such as miss-shaped boxes, torn boxes, etc. a damage / loss report must be filed with the carrier at the time of pickup. The same applies for delayed shipment. The shipment from Golden Ina, Inc. should not be refused for any reason.

Death on Arrival (DOA’s)

We regularly check the DOA with our customer and we gladly report that since we started on 1991 that there is less than 10% DOA per shipment due to our strict selection process. We ask customer to absorb the first 10% of DOA losses.

Please read carefully:
– DOA above 10% or other issues should be reported within 12 hrs with picture attachment.
For example: If DOA is 12%, the customer takes the 10% DOA and we will credit the other 2% DOA.
– DOA report must include photo documentation in order for us to apply credit on the next invoice. For the DOA pictures, please put the DOA items on top of the styrofoam lid and take a clear picture.
– Shipment must be pick up right after the shipment is ready to receive DOA claims.
– DOA for non direct or connecting flights are not covered.
– DOA causes by delayed flight or negligence / mishandling by the carrier, should be directed to the carrier.
– DOA reported after 12 hrs or without picture attachment will not be processed.
– Freight rates and other costs will not be refunded.
– Some species tends to die during shipping. We will not accept DOA claims on it.
For example, Golden Puffer, some wrasses and anemones.
The supplier have use and try every possible way to ship these items for live arrival. It may or may not come alive to you.

Filing a Claim with Airlines

If you received damaged, leaking or overturn boxes, please do the following before leaving the airline premises:
1. Let the airline representative know about the damage.
2. Ask for a claim form and fill them out noting the damages to the box, corals and any other issue you want to report.
3. Take a picture of the damage and if possible include the AWB sticker when you are taking the picture.
4. Ask the representative to sign and handwrite that they have inspected the damaged on the form itself.
5. Ask for a copy of the claim form for your record.

If you did not file a claim at the time you receive the boxes, the airlines will not honor any damaged report after you take your boxes.

Fill Rate

We update our availability list weekly and we present the list to all our customers. Therefore in the event that the fish quantity is less than the total quantity ordered, we will share the fishes among the customer proportionally. Note that this is the normal practice across the business.
Sometimes we do feel necessary to substitute with similar items in order to make a full box or to make weight.

Term of Payments

– Golden Ina, Inc. requires prepayment, i.e., bank transfer or deposit to our account before the order can be processed for direct shipment or if we feel necessary and will apply to anyone without reason.
We will give a sales estimate of the amount ordered and let the customer know beforehand the amount to be deposited.
Due to time difference between USA and Indonesia, we usually require 3-5 business days transfer to our account before the shipment date.

– Golden Ina, Inc. also accepts major credit card such as Visa, Master card, and Discover for all others. Please fill the Credit Card Authorization form found in the New Account page and email us.

For credit card transactions, we usually charge the card after we emailed out the invoice. If the fund is not available on the card, we will email you to ask for a different card or split the payment into several different cards.
If for any reason we did not hear from you, unfortunately we will not be able to ship the order to you.

For repeated customer who has no funds on the card, we will hold your order. During the hold time, we will run your credit card for an authorization. If the authorization on the amount of the invoice is approved, we will then process the order. Please note that this in fact will delay the supplier to start processing the order.

Other Issues

Golden Ina, Inc. reserves the right to refuse future shipment to any customer for any reasons.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.