Q. How do I open an account with your company?

Click on New Customer page to open an account.

Order / Shipping

Q. What are the procedures of transhipment ?

A. Transhipment process are as follows:
– Order received and sent to the corresponding country
– Shipments arrive to LAX, gets reoxygen / rewater if needed
– Shipment is re-ship from LAX to you
All prices are FOB from the country of origin, except otherwise noted.

Q. What is the transhipment fee ?

A. Please email us for the tranship fee.
You can also fax us a copy of your license and we will email the charges to you.
Please don’t forget to include company phone, fax or email with the license where we can send the info.

Q. What is the minimum order ?

A. Minimum order to purchase livestock is 1 box on any particular list.
We cannot combine from various lists to make a box. Each list on the product page comes from different suppliers.
If your order is less than a box from a particular list, we will not be able to process the order.

Q. When is the latest time to order ?

A. Cut off time to order will be Sunday 6 PM PST

Q. When will I receive my shipments ?

A. Usually you will receive the shipment 1 day after it arrive in LAX. If the shipment arrive in LAX on:
Tuesday —> Wednesday arrival
Wednesday —> Thursday arrival
Thursday —> Friday arrival

Q. What is the schedule of your shipments ?

Wednesday arrival to LAX – Thursday arrival to your local airport
Australia, Bali fishes, Clams, Philippine, Vietnam inverts and freshwater

Thursday arrival to LAX – Friday arrival to your local airport
Kupang corals
Fiji corals

Q. How often is the lists get updated ?

A. The lists is updated every Thursday morning. Some list for corals do not change from week to week because the cites that we have is the same every week.

Q. How many fishes or corals can fit in a box ?

A. For corals generally we can fit around (including Australia):
Small corals about 25 – 30 pcs per box
Medium corals about 20 – 25 pcs per box
Large corals about 10 to 15 pcs per box
XL corals or XL Acropora = 3 to 4 pcs per box
For fishes it is generally harder to determine since the variety and size of the fishes matter to make up the box.
As a guidelines, we can put these items in a box.
Coral Beauty Angel (M) around 30-35 pcs, or
Sebae Clown (M) around 25-30 pcs, or
Damsels (M) around 180 – 200 pcs, or
Red Volitan Lion fish (M) around 10 pcs, etc

Q. What is the box’s dimension and how much does it weight ?

A. L x W x H is  21” x 14” x 16”,
one box of fish is about 18 KG (40 lbs)
one box of corals is about 25 KG (55 lbs).

Method of payment / transfer

Q. What payment method is accepted?
 A. We accept payment by:
– transfer to our bank account (usually for direct shipment / large invoice amount)
– credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover)
– Quickpay by Zelle before shipping

Q. When should I transfer the fund ?

A. If you want the shipment to arrive within 6 days from the time you order, you need to send the bank transfer by Wednesday of that week. If the bank transfer has not arrive by Friday to our account, the shipment will be postponed until the following week.

Q. How do I know how much to send the money if I use bank transfer ?

A. We will send a sales estimate based on your order. Order will be processed by the end of the working days. You should use the amount on the sales estimate to make your bank transfer.

Q. When will you charge my credit card ?

A. Credit card will be charge after we send out the sales estimate or after we receive your orders. After several transactions with your company, we can change the time of credit card charge until after we receive the packing list from our supplier.

Domestic Shipping

Q. I pay about $100.00 for domestic shipping from LAX to New York.
Is there any way to have lower shipping cost?

Yes, if you order a minimum of 100 lbs, airlines will give better rate per lbs. Generally, you can ship 100 lbs and still pay the same price as you ship 50 lbs. Furthermore, rates are determines by region in which you are located.

Q. I notice the box is 3/4 full, is there any way they can fit more items in the box?

They cannot add more items in the box. The first time they pack the boxes, the bags are fully inflated.
By the time it gets here, the bags get a little deflated and therefore the box looks 3/4 full.

Others Questions

Q. I received an email with the invoice attachment but cannot open the attachment.
How can we view the file ?

A. We use Adobe software to create the attachment. You can get free Adobe Reader at www.adobe.com.

Q. Help, the anemones that I received have its gut inside out !

A. First of all, put them in a bucket and drip them with your tank water. Then after a few minutes, start to touch and lift up the anemones from the water while using your thumbs to push the gut slowly inside. This will trigger their retracting movement and will eventually bring the gut back inside. Repeat the process several times until the gut is inside or majority of it is inside. Then you can place them in your tank with direct flow blowing to them. This will also make them more alive due to the water movement.