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Our company has been in the business of importing/exporting live tropical marine fishes, corals and invertebrates since 1991 to the United States as well as other countries. With years of experience and commitment to quality, we have gained reputable credibility with our customers.

Our offerings include:

Africa and Red Sea fishes
Australian corals: Acanthastrea, Scolymia, Torches, Lobophyllia, etc
Bali fishes: Angel, Anthias, Clown, Tang, Goby, etc
Kupang and Bali corals: Acropora, Euphyllias, Zoanthus, Blastomussa, etc
Fiji fishes and corals
Philippine and Cebu fishes
Vietnam invertebrates and freshwater

We tranship to wholesalers, distributors and retailers of live tropical marine fishes, corals, invertebrates and clams. And we are constantly searching for new and quality livestocks from all over the world to provide our customers with competitive edge.

Our mission is to provide excellent marine live-stock products backed with competitive pricing, convenient ordering and a caring customer service.